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Launching a website soon? Here’s ONE thing you can’t miss.


Hey there small business owner!

I see you killing it over there! Taking the world by storm! You’re at the point where things are getting serious, and you’ve decided to start investing more into your business and yourself. Maybe you’re creating a website for the first time to get the word out about your product, or you’re getting ready to rebrand and launch a whole new website.

No matter the case, you can’t miss having imagery that tells your story and attracts your target market. Personal brand photography portrays your characteristics, your heart & soul, and the ins and outs of your business. It is way more than a headshot, and it’s vital when it comes to your online presence! 

And, here’s a little secret I’m spoiling… brand photography is for EVERYONE and EVERY BUSINESS!

Business owner throwing fabric swatches in the air and smiling at camera.

What is personal branding photography? 

Personal branding photography tells the story of you and your business on a personal level so you can build trust with your clients. It showcases everything from your wonderful personality to the behind-the-scenes of your business to your products and services.

In today’s world, images are everything. In one estimate, visuals communicate information 60,000 times faster than written text. So, having your own personal stock of imagery to tell your brand’s story is the best and easiest way to communicate with your potential clients.

We take your brand’s foundations (your mission, message, voice, colors, personality) and combine them into one epic photoshoot that your audience will absolutely adore. Then, you can utilize these images around your new or updated website, email, marketing materials, and social media, showing off your unique personality in a consistent and confident manner.

Who needs brand photography?

I know I spoiled this earlier, but I truly believe every creative, entrepreneur, and business, of all sizes, can benefit from branding photography. Whether you’re a new business building your website for the first time or an established business revamping your online presence, having professional photography can save you time, increase traffic and sales, and help you market yourself as the expert in your field.


Ashley Olana Design snuggles in her blanket with her puppy.

Our media, online presence, and the images we put out there represent our brands. Having low quality, unprofessional photos communicate to our potential customers the same thing: low quality and unprofessionalism. The images we put out there are making the first impression, so why not make it a kickass one!

We want people to get to know us. If we utilize stock photos from other organizations, we aren’t showing our true personalities and showcasing our businesses in the best light. Why? Because they are not photos of our pride and joy, our hard work.


Personal brand photo for Ashley Olana Design sitting on handmade quilt.

Lastly, branding photography is wonderful for anyone playing the comparison game in their head. Having a cohesive set of imagery that fits our brands’ missions, gives us confidence. You will know that you look good online and appeal to your dream client. 

When it comes to my branding photo sessions, I want everyone to feel proud and confident. You’ve put in the work. You ARE the EXPERT in your field, and you DESERVE to shout that to the world. From planning through posing, I promise to help each of my clients shine! So, by the end of your session, you’re ready to get out there and confidently showcase your business to the world.

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