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Alaska Business Photographer: Where Laughter Meets Stunning Images!


Hey there, fabulous folks! Lena Lee here, the mastermind behind Lena Lee Photography and your Alaska business photographer, ready to inject some serious fun into your brand! Grab a seat and buckle up because I’m about to take you on a journey through my world of entrepreneurship and community engagement, where we’ll laugh, capture stunning photographs, and maybe even share a plate of sushi along the way!

Lena sitting on a counter looking through a camera.

Being a Brand Photographer: My Superpower!

Okay, in actual conversation, I tell people my superpower is my ability to sleep anywhere. If you can fall asleep at a lunch table in Disney World, that is something to be commended. Photography, however, comes close in second!

So, picture this: I’ve been wielding a camera like a superhero for over 14 years now, armed with a Fine Art Degree in photography and a minor in anthropology. My lens has taken me on a global adventure, from the sweltering streets of India to the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Oh, the stories I could tell! But don’t worry, I won’t bore you with that—unless you ask! Let’s just say, my passport is filled with stamps and my SD cards with memories.

Family, Felines, and Food—Oh My!

When I’m not capturing the perfect shot, you’ll find me embracing my number one passion: family! These amazing humans are the wind beneath my wings, the ones who make my heart soar higher than an eagle in Alaska’s skies. And speaking of soaring, let’s not forget our furry friend, Swami, the feline superstar of our household. Cute, mischievous, and always ready for a photo op — Swami is my secret weapon for bringing out smiles! Don’t be surprised if you see him during our Zoom calls.

Now, let’s dive into the serious stuff—food! I’m a self-proclaimed sushi aficionado. Give me those perfectly rolled morsels of deliciousness, and I’ll give you a photo session that’ll make your taste buds tingle. Oh, and did I mention dark beers? They’re like the liquid muse that fuels my creativity. So, if you’re up for some scrumptious recommendations or a lively chat about raw, fishy delights or a good Porter, you’ve found your foodie photographer!

“People before projects
Bringing joy & smiles
Helping others succeed
Being transparent & honest”

An Alaska Photographer: Nature’s Playground and My Outdoor Oasis!

Alaska, oh Alaska! The land of jaw-dropping landscapes, where Mother Nature puts on a show that’ll make your eyes pop like a camera flash. Mountains, glaciers, and wild beauty everywhere you turn—it’s my own personal playground! Whether I’m scaling summits, trekking through untouched trails, or simply basking in the majesty of it all, Alaska’s wild embrace recharges my soul like nothing else.

Capturing the Quirks of Entrepreneurship, One Laugh at a Time!

Now, let’s get down to business—literally! As an Alaska business photographer, I specialize in capturing the quirks and unique stories behind each entrepreneurial adventure. I’m here to make your brand shine brighter than a starry Alaskan night (in the winter of course). With my camera in hand and a knack for finding the “wow” factor, we’ll bring your vision to life and leave your competitors eating your dust!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re starting a business, revamping your brand, or just want to hang out with a fun-loving adventure photographer, Lena Lee Photography is your ticket to a rollicking good time! Let’s laugh, capture moments that tell your brand’s story, and grow your business to create lasting impact. Buckle up, my friends, because with Lena Lee Photography, we’re taking the business world by storm—one fun click at a time!

And that’s a wrap, my dears! Lena Lee Photography is back and better than ever, ready to inject humor, excitement, and a whole lot of pizzazz into your brand. If you’re up for a wild adventure, a photo session that’ll make you feel like a superstar, or just a chat about life, love, and the pursuit of amazing images, then I’m your woman! Let’s make magic happen together because, remember, life’s too short to take boring photos. Say cheese and let the laughter begin!

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